Do you travel?

Heck yes! I'm currently based in the Twin Cities, but fully willing to drive or fly just about anywhere, especially the North Shore of Minnesota or the South Shore of Lake Superior.

How many photos do we get?

This all depends on what session you're booking - but for the most part I think I can easily stick to about 75 images per shooting hour.

What is your editing style?

I want images to be as true to life as possible. I am hopeful that someday, when you look back on these photos, they help you clearly remember that time of your life, down to the color of your flowers at your wedding or your kiddos favorite pair of shoes when they were 4. I want these photos to age as well as you are going to!

Can you help us with planning?

I can help plan photo locations and times of shoots. I can even offer advice based on what I've seen at weddings over the past 10+ years. But I can also say that if you're looking for planning help, you will not regret your investment if you hire a good planner. Not only can they help figure out all your details, but they can make sure it all happens day of. WELL worth it!

What should we do for an engagement session?

Think of a spot you like to go together and incorporate that into your photos. Some of my best sessions have taken place in couples backyards, living rooms, favorite parks or coffee shops, on their boats, or other meaningful spots to them. OR ask me for some ideas. I'm more than willing to send you locations and photos that I've taken at those spots before.

How long have you been doing this?

I photographed my first wedding in 2010. I almost hate admitting that because while it shows that I've got a ton of knowledge, it also shows that I'm old AF. I mean, I'm probably too old to use "AF".

How do we get our photos?

Everything is digital download. I mean, I'm sure I could scrounge up a USB, but really - digital download is the way to go. Not only can you download them to basically every device you own, but you can easily share with your family and friends as well. Perfect.

How do we book you?

Contact me on here. We email, we figure out a time to shoot, I send you a contract, you sign it, I send an invoice, you pay it, we shoot, and you get beautiful photos. EASY PEASY, right?

How far out do you book?

Sometimes, it's a year and half out from an event. Sometimes it's 3 days before. Honestly, I'm open to either option or anything in between.

Everything seems wedding-centric on here, do you also shoot families?

I tend to keep my family sessions to my mini session dates and previous wedding clients. I'm not going to lie to you - I love kids but they also KIND OF freak me out a little. Like, how do they move so much? And they're so fast! And like, what is a Pokemon actually? Or paw patrol? So yeah, I definitely can relate a bit easier to a drunk groomsman than a 4 year old and that shows in my business. BUT if you love my photography style I'm certain we can still make some photos work! Just reach out!