It's 2024, let's be transparent.

For the longest time, people would spend hours on google looking at photographers websites, falling in love with their style, reaching out blindly, get back a quote and thinking "WOWZA, can't afford that one!" and starting the process over again.

I'm not entirely sure why as an industry we hide our pricing. It might be so that you reach out, talk to us, get a vibe for who we are as humans and then feel that you have to book us because you love us so much.

But honestly, if you've read through my website enough to get to this page you already probably love me. I can't help it, I'm really lovable. It's okay if you're feeling it.

So, because of that, I'm choosing to just be super candid about my pricing and list it out completely. ALSO, this saves me a little money because I had a magazine app that I would then share with people and forget to keep updated. Have my elopements said "2020 elopements" for the last 4 years? Yes, yes they have.

Click on the session your looking for below to get a full breakdown of what's happening in the cost area.