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You're growing a baby and then you're going to raise that baby to be a really cool tiny little human. This is a BIG deal! Document it! Newborn photos are taken where you're most comfortable - your own home, cuddled up on your couch, relaxing in your bedroom, or enjoying the nursery you spent months nesting.

Boudoir Investment


1-2 hour in home session
20 digital images



1-2 hour in home session
30 digital images



1-2 hour in home session
all edited digital images
mini family session at 6 months/year


Question 1 // Do I need to have maternity photos?

You don't NEED to! But I think that someday you'll be thankful you did. These are the photos before 2 become 3 or 3 become 4. I've never seen a photo of my mom pregnant and I wish I could! These sessions are super quick too, so you won't even have time to wish you weren't there! 

Question 2 // My house is very small, will it still work?

We don't need a ton of space! Give me a window, a spot to stand, and we will be golden!   

Question 3 // Do you use props?

I don't. I treat my newborn sessions like all of my other sessions - comfortably posed. This means that I will put you into poses, but it will look natural. Babies don't automatically do those perfect poses with their hands on their faces, curled up into little balls. If that's the kind of photo you're looking for, I can definitely send you to some RAD photographers that do those shoots! 

Question 4 // What if the baby cries?

I'll photograph it and then we will wait them out. Eventually, they'll get to the perfect milk drunk state!

Question 5 // Can you make me look less tired?


New Baby Information

photographing everything Minnesota

available for travel

like mexico, aruba, fiji, iceland, etc. ya know...