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Whether you're planning a wedding, or you've already been there done that and want some photos of your family, yourself, or anything else -- you'll find info here to get you started!

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You know in the Office when Jim and Pam are getting married and Pam tells Jim to take mental photographs of the day because it will go by so fast? That is not bad advice. Weddings are a whirlwind. They're hectic, sometimes chaotic, nerve wracking affairs. But they're also amazing. 

Since you can't print your mental photographs, you should hire someone that is able to produce images similar to the ones you're seeing. Have someone there to cover the BIG parts of your day and the little ones too. 

This day you're planning deserves some amazing photos and I'm ready to do that for you! 

Below are the base prices and hours. Inquire with me to get MORE information on the collections! 


4 hours


6 hours


8 hours


10 hours



There are not many photos of me from when I was a child. Very few of the time when perms were cool, when I had invisible friends (don't judge), or when I was super into Star Trek. 

There are even fewer photos of me with my parents. One of them was always taking the photo instead of both of them being in it. Those that we do have are just snapshots and someone is either blinking, looking away, or didn't realize it was time to smile.

These times in your life are so important. Don't forget them!

Starting at $350


You're bringing a baby into this world. That alone is a feat. You deserve so many high fives. 

Bringing an ADORABLE and tiny little human and not having photos of those first few days just seems wrong. So why not invite me over, cuddle up with your kiddo in some comfy clothes on a comfy couch. I'll take the photos and you can have them for when that little baby grows an attitude or gets to be six feet tall and you need a little reminder just how small they were when they started out. Or cute. Or maybe even quiet (I know my parents needed that reminder OFTEN). 

Starting at $400


My senior photos are rough. Picture a pixie cut hair do box dyed red, puka shell necklace against a fake brick wall back drop while holding one red rose. ROUGH. I will not be making any of my seniors go through THAT! 

We'll hang out, we'll grab some photos that Mom and Dad will love as well as some awesome ones to share on Facebook. There will be no cringing for you when you're 30 and walk into your Grandma's house and see that 18 year old face of yours. NOPE! Well, unless you also make poor hair choices. I can't help with that. 

Starting at $500

– FAQ –

Q: Do you only shoot in Duluth?

A: No way! I'm available worldwide. I live in Duluth, so it's my main base. I have family and friends in the Twin Cities and will travel there for free (and often!). Where ever you need me to be, I can get there! 

Q: What should I wear to my session?

A: Something comfortable. I think that’s your first step! Color is always good. And if you’re taking photos with other people, never be TOO matchy. Pinterest is the best place to look up outfit ideas (or at least what colors to wear together). But if you have specific outfit questions, feel free to ask!

Q: Do you use photoshop?

A: I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and so, HECK YES I do! I’m not afraid to say it either. But don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Kim Kardashian on you (I hope that this reference makes sense). In this digital age, we are gifted with this amazing software and quite frankly I’m pretty good at using it. To not do so on your photos would be a shame. No, I’m not going to make you a size 2 if you’re a size 10. No, I’m not going to completely change the background of a photo. But yes, I will use it. I’ll remove distracting background items. I’ll make your skin look pretty dang good, but keep it looking real (no plastic skin here, guys!). And yes, if there’s a little lumpy bit of you that the camera catches, I’ll fix that up too. In the end, you’ll look like you and you probably won’t even know I touched the photo!

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: I’ve got a Nikon d800/d750 combo right now. Mix that with a bunch of prime of lenses that get me from 24mm to 200mm and we are SET!

Q: How long have you been a photographer and why did you become one? 

A: I started taking photos in 2006, but officially moved to portraits and weddings in 2009. Honestly, at first it was because a friend of mine became one and I’m slightly competitive (by slightly I mean totally). Then I realized how much I enjoyed making people feel really awesome about how they look and it went from there!