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Man, I really enjoyed shooting this session, but now I’ve really enjoyed going through the photos. Landon and Jett have the best faces and are definitely not interested in hugging each other. Some of my favorite photos are of them “hugging” :) . Izzy the dog looks to be uninterested and wondering why her family is just sitting in the path instead of walking it. Tawnya and Wes are really cute and patient parents. All around GREAT family.

When I arrived, Jett was a little less than excited and MAYBE throwing a bit of a fit. A few minutes after that I realized I have a lot of learning to do as a parent because Jett had hidden his coat that he didn’t want to wear and if I were the mom, I’d have a heck of a time NOT laughing hysterically when it was found behind the fish tank. Sneaky little dude!

This property we shot on is brand new to the Ridgewell Family and I’m really happy I got to help them document their first fall there. And it’s perfect. Like, maybe I can rent it out for future sessions? ;)

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  • TawnyaYou are awesome Kellie! 
    We absolutely love them! Thank you so much!!!! And you just let me know if you want to use the property for a session!ReplyCancel


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