Ockwig Family | Duluth Family Vacation Photographer

The Ockwig’s came to Duluth for one of their family vacations. I think they had an awesome time. I mean, hot summer days, big cold lake, bunch of rocks to throw into the water. How could you not?

We met up at the beach on a day that was supposed to be warm and great. It turned a little chilly and rainy. Of course!

Wilson and Matilda picked out their outfits for this session. I think they’re perfect. Seriously.

This is exactly the type of family photo I want to take. Having fun. Smiling. Tickling. Generally enjoying each other. YES MORE PLEASE!

Duluth family Photographer_0001Duluth family Photographer_0002Duluth family Photographer_0003Duluth family Photographer_0004Duluth family Photographer_0005Duluth family Photographer_0006Duluth family Photographer_0007Duluth family Photographer_0008Duluth family Photographer_0009Duluth family Photographer_0010Duluth family Photographer_0011Duluth family Photographer_0012Duluth family Photographer_0013Duluth family Photographer_0014Duluth family Photographer_0015Duluth family Photographer_0016Duluth family Photographer_0017Duluth family Photographer_0018Duluth family Photographer_0019Duluth family Photographer_0020Duluth family Photographer_0021Duluth family Photographer_0022Duluth family Photographer_0023Duluth family Photographer_0024Duluth family Photographer_0025

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