Kelly and her kiddos | Duluth Family Photography

This was not your run of the mill family session by Lake Superior. See, Kelly also has an older daughter and a husband that aren’t pictured. This is why I really love this session.

Kelly’s family was flying to Arizona, but her eldest daughter had a school trip to go on and she didn’t want to miss it (I mean, come on, who would want to miss a trip to Wolf Ridge?). So, the daughter got to go on the trip and Kelly planned to drive out, pick her up, then get the family to the airport and head to warmer weather. Kelly also takes a lot of photos but is never in them. So, since she had 3 of her kiddos driving through a really cool part of the state, why not get some photos taken? Invisible mom no more!

I’m so glad she got in touch with me because I can’t handle how adorable some of these photos are. Invisible mom no more! Ollie, Tommy and Julia were all so well behaved and willing to giggle. They were troopers through the chilly Lake Superior Wind and made me laugh a ton. What a cool family.


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