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You see boudoir images all over the place these days. Whether you follow a photographer that shares them (ahem, me and if you don't you should), your highschool friend just took some and is PUMPED, or your best friend just had some done before her wedding. You see them and you think "maybe in a few months when I can lose some weight". But dudette, no! You're awesome right now. You're beautiful. You're super cool (because duh, you're looking at MY website). Now is the time! So let's hang out and remind you of all of that, yeah? It'll be great!

Boudoir Investment


1 hour session
2 outfit changes
20 digital images
8x8 album



2 hour session
3 outfit changes
50 digital images
Professional Hair and Makeup
10x10 album



2-3 hour session
unlimited outfit changes
all digital images
Professional Hair and Makeup
12x12 album


What Clients are Asking

Question 1 // Do you have a lingerie closet?

I don't. No offense to photographers that do, but I think it's a little creepy to have intimate clothing like that readily available. I also want you to find things that fit your well, are colors you like, and overall make you feel REAL good!

Question 2 // Can I do my own hair and make-up?

I'm totally open to this. I mean, I wouldn't personally do it because I screw up putting on mascara, but if you love how you do either or both, feel free!  

Question 3 // I'm not a model, so will this still look good?

Heck yes! The women you see on here are all real women. They're not models, they don't walk runways (unless you consider a hallway at home a runway and then maybe they do). They're all just beautiful women. So yes. Your photos will be just as good because you're a beautiful woman, too. 

Question 4 // How much do you edit?

Your photos will be retouched. I'm not just going to deliver what comes out of the camera. But I'm also not going to make you look like you're a size 2 when you're a 22, you know? I like to think my editing is a good solid middle ground between not doing anything and doing too much. 

Question 5 // I really want to do a session, but I also really don't want my Grandma to see these photos pop up on Facebook. Is this secret safe with you?

100% because I also have a Grandma that would immediately call (well, once she figured out how to get a facebook and see things like that.) You absolutely can choose to have photos shared or not shared. And if you decide you want some shared, I okay them with you first. I'll never post anything you don't want me to! 

Happy Clients

"I am someone who rarely sees themself as "beautiful" or "sexy" and am always so awkward in front of a camear (I literally derp every time a camera is pulled out). Kellie legit blew me away with my session! I love every photo and pose. She made me look better than in real life. They truly are beautiful images that I will continue to cherish."

- Abby -

"I can not rant and rave enough about my experience with Kellie and my boudoir session. This was empowering, made me feel beautiful, and are definitely going to be cherished. Kellie does such a wonderful job with making the experience comfortable, fun, and easy! I love that she allowed me full reign of what I wanted the shoot to "look like", but still offered opinions on posing, looks, etc. It made my photos turn out to look, feel, and ME! I absolutely love the finished product and would recommend 100/10. Thank you Kellie!"

- Emily -

"I was hesitant to get boudoir photos done - but I'm so glad I did a session with Kellie! She is a complete rockstar. I never imagined I would be so comfortable and have so much FUN. Feel like laughing and getting complimented for an hour? Then get beautiful, timeless images to keep forever? BOOK A SESSION! Seriously, are you emailing her yet?"

- Ariana -

Boudoir Information

photographing everything Minnesota

available for travel

like mexico, aruba, fiji, iceland, etc. ya know...