This is where I'm supposed to give you my mission statement. I don't have anything profound to say here, though. My mission? It's to take some pretty photos. Do I succeed? Well, that's up to you to decide! Portfolios abound. You'll be up to your ears in blog posts. Head over to my social medias where I post too much and too often. There are randomly placed images every where else. When you've looked around enough to decide that I have succeeded, shoot me a message! Look forward to hearing from you!

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"Kellie is the best. Book her and you will have a stress free photography experience. Plus she likes dogs."

- Nick & Bailey -

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Having your photo taken doesn't need to be painful. It can be fun, relaxed, and natural. You can laugh, show a real smile, and maybe even enjoy being there. I want you to leave thinking "Hey! That wasn't so bad!" That's what I aim for. I'm really good at lightening the mood so that you aren't thinking "oh god this is so uncomfortable and why did I do this/why am I being made to do this ohgodohgodohgod". I'll get you in good poses, with good light and rad backgrounds. I'll make an attempt at getting you laughing. It usually works, I swear. I'm funny! I really am! So, let's take some awesome photos in a sweet little spot and get you something to remember who you are at this point of your life.

Also, there's a spot below for an inspiration quote. Here's what I've got for you.


-Michael Scott-


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You know in The Office when Jim and Pam are getting married (uh, spoiler alert?) and Pam tells Jim to take mental pictures of the day because it will go by so fast? That isn't bad advice. Weddings are a whirlwind. They're hectic, sometimes chaotic and they cruise by before you know it. Since you can't print those mental photographs, you should hire someone that is able to produce images similar to the ones you're seeing. Have someone be there to cover the big parts of your day as well as the little ones. This day you're planning deserves some awesome photos! And if you didn't get my hinting - I can do that for ya.

Starting at $3,400



Okay but going back to The Office, you know when Jim and Pam are, like, pretty done with the whole idea of a wedding and go off and get married IN Niagara Falls? I'm also totally there for that kind of shindig too. I mean, if you want to bring your dog as well, I won't judge. A few witnesses to seal the deal? Bring em' along. Elopement packages are for those that aren't great at planning (like me), not great at that center of attention moment (also me), or maybe just want to do something smaller because whatever reason - I've got you covered. Please don't clip your tie like Jim Halpert, though. I'm good at photoshop but not that good.


Starting at $850



There are not many photos of me from when I was a child. Very few from the time when perms were cool, when I had invisible friends (don't judge, I'm an only child!), or when I was 10 and super into Star Trek. There are even fewer photos of me with my parents. One of them was always taking the photo instead of both being in it. Those that we do have are just snapshots and someone is blinking, looking in the wrong direction, or didn't realize it was time to smile. Don't let this be you! Sessions from maternity, newborn, family, graduation, and anything in between available.




Starting at $500


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